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Uw eigen merk echte liposomale voedingssupplementen? Het kan en het is gemakkelijker dan u denkt! De category "vitaminen in liposomen" staat aan de vooravond van een snelle groei. Doe mee met deze technologische vooruitgang.

Neem contact met ons op, wij produceren het Nutrins assortiment met grote regelmaat. Als partner werken wij bijvoorbeeld met gezamenlijke batches. Dit betekent scherpe prijzen en goede marges. Wij beschikken over ruim 400 verschillende formuleringen en kunnen ook naar wens uw eigen product ontwikkelen. Inmiddels produceren wij voor verschillende winkelketens, groepen schoonheidsspecialisten en therapeuten/artsen in binnen- en buitenland (Duitsland, Engeland, België).

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Uniek teamwork

Wij vinden het geweldig om met andere ondernemers ons patent, onze kennis en onze vaardigheden te delen. Wij bewijzen dit regelmatig met scherpe prijze, lage MOQ's en een prettige service. Het ontwikkelen van de category "liposomale voedingssupplementen" kunnen we het beste samen doen. In synergie win je allebei. Op de nutrins-website meer informatie over het team.

USP’s Nutrins Liposomal formulations

    • A real liposome is made with a double layer of fosfolipides. Water soluble vitamins are in the liposome (yellow), fat-soluble vitamins (purple) are in the shell of the liposome. A fosfolipid has a hydrofoob and a hydrophyl end. One side attracts to water and one side attracts to fats, similar to dish cleaning soap, the emulgators bind a fat and water particle. The water soluble vitamins are in the liposomes and in the water around the liposome. 50 /50.

vitamins in liposomes

  • Under the microscope liposomes are round balls. Cheap “liposomal formulations” are blends of lecithine and vitamins. So, the vitamins are not in the liposome. The action of a liposome: the outside of the liposome is the same as the outside of bodycells. The liposome attaches to the cell and the active ingredient is transferred to the cell. The absorption is via the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, the liposomes are also transported via the lymfatic system. In the lymfe-knots the liposomes are passed into the bloodstream. Via the lymfe pathway the liposomes are not processed by the liver. We call this a “double absorption”.
  • Production of liposomes: Important first step is to make the active ingredients soluble. Next is to make the actives as small as possible, this is micronisation. The nano-particles are than “packed in a liposome or in the liposomal shell. It needs energy to pack the vitamins, so brands use ultrasound, other use high shear and some use pressure and temperature. Important: every active has its own characteristics and its own way to make it soluble, micro-size and to create the balls. Producing liposomes is a series of “tricks”. It is not just multiplying the way it worked on lab scale! Several brands have problems with their products: it bubbles, is foamy and even bottles blow up due to gas (carbondioxide) production.
  • Quality of liposomes is measured in nm. Above 500 nanometer is way to big to pass the intestinal wall. Between 100 and 200 we can produce liposomes, but in the range from 350 nm to 450 nm we have seen the highest absorption. Significantly higher compared to the "small" spheres. Below 100 nm is not allowed, the liposome would be a nano-particle which are not allowed in food. (Except homogenized cow milk).
  • Nutrins is developed at “the lipsome factory” in Apeldoorn. Which has over 15 years experience in production of liposomes. Over 400 formulations have been developed.
  • Country of origen: Liposomes from India are produced with Indian lecithin. This a brown coloured lecithine. The producers can not guarantee the lecithine is free of PAK’s. Polyacrylamid is a neurotoxin, carcinogenic and forbidden in the EU.
  • In Germany liposomes are produced using ultra sound. In this process the titanium needle enters the liquid and with a lot of watt’s the liposomes form, but the liquid is also heated, the liposomes burn and particles of the titanium needle are in the liquid.
  • In the USA some producers can make vitamin C only. Often formulations are glycerin based. Liposomes added in glycerol dissolve. So the clear liquid contains: glycerol, fat and some uncovered vitamins.
  • Preservation: a lot of producers need alcohol or kalium sorbaat. Nutrins is working on a natural preservative. Also sugar and soy are in several formulations. Nutrins is free of: soy, sugar, alcohol.
  • Nutrins, real liposomes are micronized, are detectable in a liquid and are stable. All actives (vitamins, minerals and iron and zinc are in the range).
  • Dry liposomes. The liposomes can be fixed after the liposome has formed. The liquid is dried. Different drying techniques and additional techniques per type of vitamin are used. This patented production proces is called Lipodrytechnology.
  • Producers in the UK mix vitamins in hot oil (palmitine and oleic acid) to cover the undissolved vitamins with a fatty layer which reduces the absorption instead of the claimed improved absorption.

Dry liposomen (fixed)

The liposome with vitamins is “covered” with a layer of maltodextrine or ascorbic acid. The powder contains between 10% and 40% active ingredients. We are able to load up to 80% vitamins C in powders. October 2021, we are upscaling the production of several powdered liposomes. We expect to be able to present and sell powders as of November 2021. YES! February 2022, we have over 15 different encapsulated formulas in stock. Produced with our own patented lipo-dry-technology. Contact

nutrins liposomes

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